Friday, September 2, 2016


Hello hello!

It's already a new month! Just want to stay a quick shoutout for the love I've been receiving in my email and DM. I appreciate you allll, watch out for a vlog shoutout soon on my upcoming vlog okay!

Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trejour by Tiff Ghani

Hi my beautiful readers in Kuala Lumpur!

Other than writing, vlogging and loving music, , I love everything about being a woman! I love the beauty industry and would love to offer you my makeup service for prom/school dance nights, graduation/convocation, company's gala dinner, bachelorette, bridal shower, etc.

Here are the prices as of 2016 <3
Instagram: @trejourbytiffghani

Saturday, May 14, 2016

An Anniversary: May 14th, 2016

2 years of being in love with you and knowing you for a lot more.

I've learned so much about you. You're so patient and kind. I adore your outgoing personality and crazy sense of humor. You teach me and open my eyes to a lot of things about our faith and the world. You encourage me to be driven in life and I appreciate you for that. I have grown to rely on myself since the past few years but everyone has their equal match made for them, we all deserve to experience love however way it comes to us, as long as we lay down a foundation that is embedded with our beliefs, values and morals and have it run by love... then, I pray that all things will be straight.

Seeing your efforts to move closer to the airport, making trips to the mosque/post office and filling in different kinds of forms just to get everything ready have made me feel so appreciative of you.

Yes, not all things are roses and butterflies, that's not realistic at all, but that's the beauty of being with you, you always find a way to overcome obstacles with me.

We talk. We plan. We bicker. We laugh. We have our usual one to one heartfelt talks.

I'm so thankful for Whatsapp, our Skype and movie dates.

And also, very grateful for your relationship with my papa.

Let's continue to grow and in shaa Allah, we will see more years to celebrate more anniversaries together.

Sayang you, Tariq.

Pray for us, okay?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13th

How time has gone by and it's already the April 13th, 2016!

It has been a while since I last did a blog post. Life has been a chase! So many things to do in so little time, I have not even been on a relaxing vacation to recuperate from these years of working.

Okay, complain no more!

Cos today is a day of celebration! Today, marks the birthday of a very special person who has been my strong supporter, advisor, love and energy charger! Tariq my love..

                                                         HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Your mom sent this new picture of you when you were a kid just yesterday. How can I not love that face?! Look at you, you had the cutest 'fro (^__^  )v

You surprised me when you appeared into my life and, since then, you have been such a wonderful person who stays positive and encouraging. What amazes me is that we would always overcome situations by looking at the brighter side of life, putting in effort and making plenty of doa that everything will be fine. You always keep my head out of the clouds and remind me to keep rooted onto the ground by being humble.

There are plenty of wonderful things I could write just so you could feel extra loved today but this is just the beginning, I hope we will not miss each other's birthdays ever again, Aamiin.. in shaa Allah. We have a lot of plans in store for us in the near future and some things I would like to stay in between us, may Allah swt make it all a smooth journey. Aamiin.

Thank you for loving me, sayang, and for being my number 1 supporter in everything that I do and have gone through.

You surprised me with a sweet gift for my birthday this year and I hope you will enjoy yours too ;D Just make sure to hear the doorbell ring!
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Aw, have a beautiful birthday, babe, and enjoy your time with your mom, sister and family you haven't seen in a long time. I love you!

On another note, I feel like I should also start vlogging on my Youtube channel and talk about life according to me! :D We'll see!