Elemental Beauties: Wind Sairen of the Sky

A fellow blogger, Hanablurbs, approached me with the coolest project and I immediately thought it'd be awesome to join in this collaboration.

I was assigned to do a Wind inspired look based on my own interpretation through makeup or fashion, so I decided to do it through makeup! Mine is theatrical and more extreme in comparison to the rest of the other beauty bloggers' interpretation of their assigned element. So, this definitely isn't wearable for an everyday look! Lol XD

No products will be shown because this isn't a tutorial post but I hope you will still enjoy the look I've made either way! 

Without flash, using front camera on phone
 With flash, using back camera on phone
The links to the other Elemental Beauties involved in this collaboration are all down below! Check 'em out!

Metal: Syaza
Earth : Miriam
Water: Michelle
Fire: Syaza

I had fun doing this collaboration and for showing you my Wind inspired makeup look.

Thank you for this opportunity, Hanablurbs!




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